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About Derek Palmer Music

What it's about and why you should be interested!



Derek Palmer Music Productions

Derek Palmer Music Experience and Vision:

Derek Palmer is a musician, composer and producer from the US. He writes a multitude of styles and types of music, ranging from electronic to film score and from pop to dance music. He started Derek Palmer music with one vision in mind; to share music with the world. Derek has plenty of musical background and experience. He studied music courses all through school, as well as had private musical lessons. He went to Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) and studied music, music theory, percussion studies, music composition and more. Derek also has 20 plus years of percussion and drumming experience, 10 plus years of piano experience and has knowledge of many other instruments (brass, woodwinds, assorted percussion, strings). He also has a skillset involving synth production and hybrid elements. The quality in music is always very high, as Derek sets extremely high standards for himself, his music and his abilities. Derek Palmer Music is divided into two main focuses; Music for Film and Trance Productions.

        Music For Film:
"Music for Film" is exactly what it says it is. Music cues for film, games, trailers and advertising. In most cases, work in this area involve the style of trailer music. Music cues designed specifically for use with film and game trailers. Usually, these cues contain high energy or emotional themes mixed with hybrid elements on occassion. Everything can be covered here; be it an orchestral cue with epic themes and screaming choirs to something softer such as gentle pianos and strings. Derek has had numerous clients and work ranging from video game scoring to commercials to product promotions, film trailers and short filmes. "Music for Film" is mostly sold through Audiojungle.net (a marketplace of Envato) and is available for licensing. Most custom music falls into this category of audio. Custom music, scores and licensing are available (contact Derek for details).

        Trance Productions:
"Trance Productions" are offical tracks produced by Derek that are released to labels and major digital stores and distrubuting services. There tracks mainly focus on the electronic side of the musical spectrum, specifically Trance, Uplifting Trance and Melodic Trance. The main focus of his Trance productions is to bring beautiful and melodic themes with driving basslines and beats as well as huge buildups and breakdowns. This give the listener a more "euphoric" type of feeling while listening to them. These tracks are designed to be played in clubs with DJ's so there are extended intros and outros to help while mixing. Derek has been supported by some of the biggest DJ's in the trance scene today, including, but not limited to; Armin Van Buuren (A State of Trance), Aly & Fila (Future Sound of Egypt), Ben Gold, Paul Van Dyk, Manual Rocca, ReOrder, M.I.K.E. and many more. He has work featured on numerous labels including; Levitated Music/Silent Shore Records, Pulsar Recordings, State Control Records, Elliptical Sun Energies/Emergent Skies, Trancer Recordings, Beyond The Stars/Trance All-Stars, Sundance Recordings and Delaforce Recordings to name a few.




"Derek does awesome mastering work, will definitely keep bringing my tracks to him!!!
           Really professional, quick turn around and a really cool guy."

                                         -Luis aka Neryko (DJ/Producer for Cloudland Music)


"Derek Palmer has been an absolutely invaluable asset to my work. Not only has he provided me with music that would qualify for Hollywood productions, but he's also taken the time and care to explain a number of different options to me. He is a guy that goes above and beyond. I haven't yet found something that he can't do. Just phenomenal."
                                         -Rob Dyke (Rob Dyke)

"Your "A Hero Shall Rise" was perfect for my book trailer. It rounded out the epic presentation we were going for. Thank you and great work!"
                                         - Nancy Kimball (Author)


Record Label Discography:

  • (2017) Derek Palmer - Worlds of Wonder [2017 Orchestral Album] [Derek Palmer Music]
  • (2017) Jerome - No Way Back (Derek Palmer Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
  • (2016) Mart Sine feat. Lynsey Shaw - Another Day (Derek Palmer Remix) [Digital Euphoria]
  • (2016) Cyre & DJ T.H. - Salida Del Sol (Derek Palmer Remix) [Levitated Music] (FEATURED ON BEST OF ASOT 2016: FUTURE FAVORITE)
  • (2016) Jan Miller - On Air (Derek Palmer Remix) [Delaforce Recordings]
  • (2016) Nick Parker - Without You Now (Derek Palmer Remix) [Trancer Recordings] (FEATURED ON FSOE464)
  • (2016) Cyre & DJ T.H. - Salida Del Sol (Derek Palmer Remix) [Levitated Music] (FEATURED AS FUTURE FAVORITE ON ASOT782)
  • (2016) Fredge - Midchilder (Derek Palmer Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
  • (2016) Carl Daylim - Heaven (Derek Palmer Remix) [Aurora Melodies]
  • (2016) John Waver - Thor (Derek Palmer Remix) [Beyond The Stars Records]
  • (2016) Syntouch & Alternate High - Magic Moments (Derek Palmer Remix) [Trancer Recordings]
  • (2016) Patryk R - True Love (Derek Palmer Remix) [Trancer Recordings]
  • (2016) Derek Palmer feat. Amy Kirckpatrick - Now Is Our Time [Elliptical Sun Energies]
  • (2016) Danny Legatto & Laucco - Gardenia (Derek Palmer Remix) [Beyond The Stars Records]
  • (2016) Luis Quezada - My Revenge (Derek Palmer Remix) [TFB Records]
  • (2016) Derek Palmer feat. Angel Falls - Wait For Us [KHB Music] #1 In World Chill Out Charts
  • (2016) Lusvin Alexander - Heartbeat (Derek Palmer Remix) [Sensual Bliss Recordings]
  • {2015) Josephali - Take Me Away (Derek Palmer Remix) [Pulsar Recordings] (BEST OF PULSAR RECORDINGS 2015)
  • {2015) Josephali - Take Me Away (Derek Palmer Remix) [Pulsar Recordings]
  • {2015) Tycoos - The Road Less Traveled (Derek Palmer Remix) [Sychronized Muzik]
  • {2015) Aeden - Sibelius (Derek Palmer Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
  • {2015) Dan Delaforce - Crucial Moment (Derek Palmer Remix) [Beyond Perception Music]
  • {2015) Ula - Te Amare (Derek Palmer Remix) [State Control Records]
  • {2015) Derek Palmer - Sands Of Time (Mhammed El Alami Remix) [Levitated Music] (WHITE CLOUDS VOL 4 COMPILATION)
  • {2015) Stealth HD - Solaris (Derek Palmer Remix) [State Control Records]
  • {2015) Derek Palmer feat. Angel Falls - Time For Change [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
  • {2015) Lanx - Taichi(Derek Palmer Remix) [Pulsar Recordings]
  • {2015) Derek Palmer - Sands Of Time [Levitated Music]
  • {2015) Derek Palmer feat. Alexa Borden - Breathe Easy (The Remixes) [Derek Palmer Music]
  • {2014) Derek Palmer - Change The World (Orchestral Music Album) [Derek Palmer Music]
  • {2014) Derek Palmer - Entering Babylon [Levitated Music] (BEST OF LEVITATED MUSIC 2014)
  • {2014) John Sunlight - Tear Oneself Away (Derek Palmer Remix) [Pulsar Recordings]
  • {2014) Derek Palmer - Enterng Babylon [Levitated Music]
  • {2013) Derek Palmer feat. Alexa Borden - Breathe Easy [Derek Palmer Music]



Collaborative Partners and Friends:

Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Agnieszka Wasilewska is a singer/songwriter from Poland, mainly with works in electronic music such as Chillout, Trance, House and Pop. Her music in the world of EDM began about two years ago with a song titled “I'm Waiting”, thus the name Angel Falls was created. Since her introduction into the world of music, she has been busy collaborating with many musicians and producers from around the world. She pulls inspiration for her music lyrics from personal experiences and life. Music being her greatest passion, she brings life and emotion to every track and tries to bring peaceful, relaxing and heartfelt emotions to the lyrical context. She is currently writing a book about her music experiences and how it has affected her life. Her musical goal is to be able to share emotion and feeling with her audience, be it big or small. Her own motto: “Music is key. Music is like the wind, I don't see it, but I can feel it.” Personally, she is great to work with and such an inspiration for musicians as well as listeners. You'll be seeing her more for sure.

Alexa Borden

Alexa Borden

Alexa is a singer/songwriter from Canada. She writes in many styles not limited to Pop, Electronic, Rock and New Age. She has quite a few releases under her belt and some really amazing tracks sure to inspire and make anyones day complete. With songs like "Paradise", "Flares" and "I Want To Be Near To You". Alexa has a ton of talent, skill and an amazing angelic voice. It won't be too long before you begin to see her on the Billboard Charts, that's for sure. Do yourself a favor, check her releases out and enjoy the sweet sounds of Alexa Borden.



Qp-990 is an electronic music producer from the US. His style is mainly in the Trance genre, but he also experiements with other genres such as Techno, House and Minimal type of music. He has worked with Derek on numerous occasions remixing his tracks as well as Derek remixing his. Derek and qp formed a collaboration called Static Breeze and release Uplifting Trance tracks under that alias. Always willing to experiement with new sounds, this is one artist you'll want on your radar.