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Beyond The Sounds Blog

BLOG POST: Interview Spotlight - Meet Alexa Borden!

A new Interview Spotlight has been posted. Today we meet producer, musician and singer/songwriter Alexa Borden! Find out more about her and how music has played a part in her life. Check out the interview here!

Beyond The Sounds Blog

BLOG POST: The Many Faces of Dance Music - Uplifting Trance/Melodic Trance

This will be an ongoing series where I dive into the many different genres of dance music and discuss what makes them tick and what sets them apart from one another. Provided is a detailed description as well as examples of each genre. This week, we dive deeper into Trance. Welcome to the emotional world of Uplifting and Melodic Trance. Check out the article here!

Visions of Trance 027

Visions of Trance 027 with Derek Palmer

Visions of Trance with Derek Palmer is back! Featuring some of the best in uplifting trance and progressive, both new and old. This weeks show features works from the likes of Dan Stone, Jason Ross, Andy Moor, Juventa, Derek Palmer and many more! Plus a debut single from my forthcoming remix album for "Breathe Easy", due out on 2/2/15. Check out the show here!