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Derek Palmer is a film composer, musician, electronic music producer and DJ from the United States. Most of his work spans multiple genres but
most notably works in film music and trailers/advertising and electronic music production. He also runs the record label Emergent Skies and
hosts his bi-weekly radio show "Energized Radio".

Step into the musical world of Derek Palmer Music.




[ENERGIZED RADIO] Energized Radio 082 with Derek Palmer

The latest episode of Energized Radio is now up on all platforms! Check out the show below!

[NEW RELEASE] Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - To Love Again

Hey team! New release is out now in all stores! I team up with Hidden Tigress once again for some amazing progressive vibes!

[NEW RELEASE] DEBUT ARTIST ALBUM | Derek Palmer - "Gemini"

Hey team! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I was super hard at work on my debut artist album "GEMINI"! Ten brand new tracks and collaborations with new and old faces! Out now on all platforms!

[NEW RELEASE] How To Train Your Dragon (FL Studio Mockup)

Hey team! A new video/soundcloud! This time, I took some free time and did a mockup of "Test Drive" from How To Train Your Dragon! I did this to not only help my composing and mixing skills but to show how close you can get to a professional sound using samples and basic DAW software. Check out the links below to find the audio/vidoe!

[BLOG POST] Album Review: Avengers Infinity War

That's right! A new blog post? In 2019? I know it's been a while, just been super super busy with things this past year. I have returned to posting blog material and this time, we dive into the world of Avengers: Infinity War and take a look at the music score from returning composer Alan Silvestri.